My first blog post is here! or How it all started…

I have liked to express myself in writing and note down observations ever since.


Earlier people used diaries for this purpose. Have you ever written a diary? Or maybe you still write it? I tried to start a diary several times, but I never managed to write for more than a couple of days. The only diary that I still have is from the time when I was in a grammar school. I keep it at a safe place and always have a laugh when I read it. My later diary attempts are lost and maybe that´s better…


When my sis and me were small and went for holidays with my parents, they tried to prompt us to write a “touristic journal”. I think we really wrote some entries and as far as I remember, there were even some glued-in postcards or photos. But again – who knows where it ended.


My other early literary works were several pages long holiday letters to my friend. By the way, we still write to each other, because now we live in different countries, I don´t like skyping and it does not happen many times a year that we meet in person. We still send each other postcards but letters changed to Facebook messages.


Much later on I started to write down notes from my trips again. Now they were from my own travels to England, Norway etc. and I wrote them on my PC. That´s also why I still have them and can use them for this blog.


At the university I was writing nonstop, owing to my choice of a study program. Essay here, essay there and at the end two masterpeices – a bachelor´s thesis and a diploma thesis. It was at the university that I first started to think about writing a blog. But because there was more than enough to be written for our seminars, I didn´t feel like doing and didn´t have time either for any personal writing.


After the uni I started to work also as a translator. In my current job I practically write or translate eight hours a day. It seems, though, that now I have the time as well as the energy to start my own writing and topics that I´d like to follow.


This blog will be, as it is probably evident from its name, mainly about my big hobby, travelling. I also have several other ideas in mind that don´t really fit into this topic. So it´s gonna be interesting for me to see what this blog will turn out to be. I hope it will last longer than my attempts for a diary!

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  1. Joyce says:

    My name is Joyce, I am a marketing executive at which is a leading expat information and services website.
    I saw on your blog that you are and expat. I wish to interview you to further share some of your tips. The questions are mainly about the housing, the daily life etc.
    It just takes 5 minutes (or more depending if you have lots to say 🙂
    Of course, if you accept we can add a link to your blog or some of your website.
    If you are interested to participate at this project, please send me an email at

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    1. Hi Joyce, thank you for contacting me. I will send you an email.


  2. ohdearbez says:

    I’ve had similar experiences with trying to write a diary… Though I love the idea, I’ve never been able to stick to it 😉 Also, I love your tagline. Stuffed suitcase and face. You managed to put it into words perfectly!

    B x


    1. Thank you! I wasn´t sure at first whether it´s not too literal translation (originally it came to my mind in Czech).

      Liked by 1 person

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