The new Flavourly box

On Tuesday two weeks ago I received another Flavourly food box! I usually go to collect the parcel to the post office and on the way home I am always excited about what I´m gonna find there and can´t wait to open it. This time it was the same – and I wasn´t disappointed.

Inside I found twelve items.

Flavourly food box

– meal kit for Thai red (consists of Thai curry paste, garnishes and infused garlic oil). I have received exactly the same kit at least once before, but I haven´t had a chance to try it yet. What I like about this meal kit is that on the back of the box there is a list of ingredients to buy and a recipe to follow.

– orange, fennel and chilli salt. I´m not a big fan of fennel, but I will give it a shot. Anyway, the fennel seeds are quite big, so I might just separate them and use the rest.

– chilli fat-free delicious drizzle. This one will definitely be useful!

– juicy fruit tea by Fruitbroo – blackberry, apple and plum. Looks like syrup for tea, smells promising. Will be good to take with me to the office.

– classic garlic mayonnaise by delicioso. As a big fan of garlic I am sure this one will disappear soon.

Flavourly food box

– Selwyn´s crispy seaweed with sesame. Well, I am curious about the taste.

– popped rice snacks by Kintaro. I don´t really like puffed rice but it´s with blueberries and cranberries, so we´ll see.

– sea salt + balsamic vinegar snackers, cheese snackers and muesli oatcakes by nairns. I feel these will be yummy.

Flavourly food box

– “Zingy Margarita” popped corn. I had a popcorn bag from this company in one of the previous boxes, just with different flavour and it was nice. So I expect this one to be good as well.

– rosemary and sea salt savoury biscuits by Angelic. I like the rosemary taste, so I guess I will like these.


As you can see, there was plenty to find in this Flavourly box. What´s more – as a bonus you can usually find there some coupon or discount voucher. This time I got a voucher for a free activity box for children. I don´t need this one, so I am gonna offer it to somebody with kids.

Flavourly food box

Are you tempted to subscribe to Flavourly as well? If so, refer to me as a friend – I will get a discount and you will do me a good turn 🙂

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  1. Hi Samiya! Thanks for your comment – it is very special to me since it is the very first one on my blog! 🙂 That´s a good suggestion. I will think about it.


  2. this looks absolutely smashing!! I wish you showed some recipes using these as well!!


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