Another Flavourly food box has arrived!

This Monday the time has come again! After work I quickly changed from office clothes to running clothes and headed towards the post office. On the way back I was thinking what I´m gonna find inside the box. Yes, I was curious as always, but this time the box felt quite heavy on my back as well. I expected some jam, sugar or liquids… So what was there?

Flavourly food box

Lemon and poppy seed organic creamy white chocolate by Seed and Bean Chocolate Co. 30% cocoa, Fairtrade. It tastes nice, but I don´t really like white chocolate, so I will share the rest of the bar.

Simply Golden Berries by Clearly Scrumptious. Since I have only tried physalis from the top of cocktail glasses, this will be new experience!

Two packs of Darling corn – toasted corn kernels. Smoked and sea-salt. Sometimes these corn kernels are too hard, so I hoped I will not break my teeth with it. I have tried one pack already and must say that these are safe to eat!

Lizi´s granola On the go. The pack includes milk powder, so you just add water. This will be good to take for breakfast to the office.

Two packs of Spiced Chai Latte by Drink me Chai. I am not fan of tea with milk, but I will try the first pack and see what it tastes like.

Flavourly food box

Mojito jelly by Trotters Independant Condiments. That is definitely an interesting flavour for jam! I can´t really imagine just spreading it on a slice of bread… However, I am sure I will use it when baking.

Cowboy bacon jam by Eat 17. I have tried this jam with bread and it tasted a bit too sour. I think I will use it more like a relish for meat (I can imagine it would be great in hamburgers) than spread on a slice of bread.

Berry White organic drink – lemon and ginger. I am often suspicious towards lemonades and similar sweet drinks, but this one was really tasty. If I see it somewhere in a shop, I will try another flavour.

Suya spices by Pepper and Stew. I don´t really cook African dishes, so I will have to google a bit for some recipes! If you have any suggestion, please let me know in Comments.

Get Fruity – strawberry bar. This can´t be bad.

Ginger oil by Super Nature Oil. I will have to think about how to use this one. Fortunately the ginger smell is not strong, so I might just try it while cooking different recipes.

Rani´s Quality mixture – delicious hand cooked savoury snack. This will come handy when peckish.

As always, there were some vouchers in the box as well. There´s a £10 off voucher for Membership to Flavourly Craft Beer Club. If there´s a beer lover among you, let me know. Also, I got a £10 off voucher for the first Flavourly box. So if your mouth has been watering for some time now, maybe this one is just for you!

Flavourly food box

So as you can see, that´s why it was so heavy – this box was really packed with many good items!

Are you tempted now to subscribe to Flavourly as well? If so, refer to me as a friend – I will get a discount and you will do me a good turn 🙂

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