Our trip to the Czech republic

Towards the end of August we went for holiday to the Czech republic (and continued to Mallorca, but that´s gonna be a different post). For me it was going home once again, so we weren´t only travelling around, but also just staying at home and spending time with my family and friends. In this post I will describe three trips we made during the 5 days we spent in the Czech republic.

On Friday we went to Uherské Hradiště. I had to run a Rasová - former sandstone minefew errands in the morning and after that we went mushrooming to Rasová. Rasová is an area called after a former sandstone mine. I have lots of great memories connected to that place – when I was small, we often spent our holiday at a cottage located not far from the mine. We made trips all around that Rasová - former sandstone minearea… to the mine, to the nearby restaurant, to the forest. I haven´t been there for a long time and that afternoon was perfect for it. We went to have a look in the mine. Now it looks different from what I remember, but it is still a nice place. Lots of reed, some dragonflies…

Also it is a great place for mushrooming and I miss mushrooming a lot in England. (Just a side note – I am Czech and many Czech people like going mushrooming. Maybe I could just go and pick some mushrooms somewhere in England as well, but I would be afraid to eat them, since there are so many diMushroomfferent types of them and in England there might grow different species than I know). We found a lot of mushrooms, much more than I expected, so I was satisfied. Now I have them all cut up and dried (thanks, mum). Last week I already used them in one of my favourite dishes – pork in a mushroom creamy sauce.

On Sunday we visited Lednice, a village in South Moravia with a beautiful castle. The whole IMG_7320area is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996. After we parked our car we decided to buy tickets for a guided tour. Before the tour was supposed to start we had enough time to walk in the large garden with lakes. First we went to a meadow where people in stalls were selling many types of goods – ceramics, cheese, wine, pancakes… and also langos. I think this was the first time we saw somebody selling langos with garlic, sour cream and cheese, which is according to my boyfriend the proper way of eating it. IMG_7334Each of us bought one piece and we set off along the lake towards a minaret. The minaret was under construction, so we couldn´t admire it in its full beauty, but we still could go up on 302(!) stairs and enjoy the magnificent views. You can see the hills of Pálava (protected landcape area) as well as the Lednice castle. We took some pictures and went down and back to the castle. The guided tour was great (another side note, I love guided tours in castles and chateaus, so almost every guided tour is great for me). The interiors were richly furnished and we´ve heard interesting stories about the owners, occupants and their life. After the tour had finished it was already high time to jump in our car and head home.

Our destination on Monday was Brno, the city where I spent 5 years at the uni and which I really like. We arrived in early afternoon and went for a small round trip I planned. Unfortunately we couldn´t go to the ossuary as it is closed on Monday. We parked in Vaňkovka shopping center and went to Petrov, a hill with one of two dominants of Brno, IMG_7433the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. We had a look inside and walked downhill towards a square called Zelný trh (Vegetable Market). Unfortunately it was under construction. We continued to a nearby street where a Capuchin Crypt is located. I can´t believe I haven´t been to this place before! There are mummies of the local monks and also of baron Trenck, a famous Austrian soldier, and some other members of gentry. I really like mummies, ossuaries etc., so this crypt was a good place to visit for me.

Then we went down to the Masaryk street, which is together with the Česká street the backbone of the Brno center. We passed through the Svobody square with its famous black clock and went towards the Špilberk castle. We stopped in the Podnebí café for an espresso and hot chocolate with red wine (which I can only recommend) and slowly climbed up Špilberk. Špilberk is the other dominant hill in Brno. There is a castle with catacombs on the top, however, we decided not to visit these, so we just enjoyed some views from the top. The time was flying and we had one last thing to see…

The Bodies Revealed exhibition! I really didn´t want to miss this one, because last time it was in the Czech republic I couldn´t go. I have always been fascinated by the human body and medicine, so for me this was a must-go. You could see real parts of bodies, both healthy and affected by some disease, or whole human bodies with highlighted parts. The whole exhibition was divided into sections according to the various human body systems. In every room there were students of medicine and you could ask them anything about the exhibition and how our body works. The exhibition as a whole was smaller than I expected, but I really liked it!

Then we went home. Tuesday was the packing-and-travelling-to-the-airport day, nothing interesting. At around five o´clock we arrived to Palma de Mallorca… and that´s gonna be a new post. Stay tuned!

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