Llandudno and Snowdon (21/09/14)

Last week I had two friends of mine here for a visit. We went to Birmingham on Saturday and to Wales on Sunday. This post will be about our Sunday trip to Llandudno and Snowdon.

We set off at around 9 o´clock. Although we first wanted to go only hiking, my friends said they want to visit Llandudno as well. Llandudno is my favourite place for those weekends when you don´t want to travel far (and) to places you´ve never been to, but still want to visit some nice place. This time we couldn´t stay very long, so we just strolled along the promenade, enjoying the sun, and soon jumped back into the car.


Our next destination was Llanberis, a village that is the starting point for a trail from the west. We got a discount for parking from some nice man, then we just changed our clothes and shoes for hiking gear and off we went. Straigt from the beginning the first steep rise warned us that today we are not going for any leisurely stroll. This was only confirmed by a sign describing the trail that suggested that we allow 6 hours for that hike. We enjoyed the beautiful weather we ordered for this day and kept climbing up. We had a break at a Halfway cafe where we ate some from our sandwiches and continued. We were watching the changing landscape and the train taking the lazier tourists up and down. Then there was a difficult section, a very steep U turn, where I literally was out of breath, and in a while we arrived at the top! We took the compulsory we-are-on-the-top pictures, drank a can of beer that one of my friends brought and just relaxed on the sun, enjoying the views. We could even see the ocean! The way down was of course easier and quicker. We came back to the parking place after 5 hours 40 mins.

Snowdonia   Snowdonia

Snowdonia   Snowdonia

Snowdonia   Snowdonia

Weather permitting, this is one of the best places for hiking in the UK!

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