A brand new Flavourly box!

It´s highest time I wrote another post! I received the latest Flavourly box, so here´s what I found inside:

Flavourly box

– herbal tea blend, Liquorice Wheels by Sweeteas. This one will have to find another owner since I don´t like the smell of liquorice and anise.

– coconut chips by Nudie Snacks. An office breakfast thingy.

– organic pumpkin and chocolate snack-mix – roasted pumpkin seeds, covered with Belgian dark, white and milk chocolate by Landgarten. Yummy!

– sweet potato crisps with chilli and lime flavour by fairfield farm crisps. I have received sweet potato crisps several times already and I must say I like them more and more. They´re definitely better that normal crisps.

– cheese snackers by nairns. I have received these multiple times. They´re still good 🙂

– milled organic flaxseed by Linwoods. Yet another office breakfast thingy.

– dark chocolate Americanos by New York Delhi.  Coffee beans covered in dark chocolate. I´ll give it a try.

– fruity flapjack bar Blissful Berry by Creative Nature. I got this before in various flavours and it was always good. This time I got one with cranberries and goji berries.

IMG_8353– salt and vinegar multigrain snack by Hoots Snacks. I love BakeRolls, so I am sure I´m gonna like these.

– umami paste by Laura Santtini. This is umami spiced tomato purée. Next time I´m gonna cook my favourite prawn pasta with rocket I will use this one into the sauce.

¡cho! Gazpacho – The drinking gazpacho – beetroot and apple flavour. Gazpacho in a bottle? Interesting…

– Billy´s champion chilli jam by Scarlett and Mustard. It has an interestig taste, it´s a bit sweet. I can imagine it as chutney with meats.

– compote of fig, apricot, apple, prune and mustard seed by Trotter´s mostarda. This is a really interesting combination of ingredients, I am thinking what to use it for. The suggestion on the package says cold meat or cheese. Any other ideas?

The leaflets were:

Flavourly box

  • a card with a recipe where you can use the umami paste
  • a leaflet about ¡cho! – the drinking gazpacho
  • a leaflet from Trotter´s Independent Condiments
  • vouchers for Flavourly boxes, craft beer Flavourly club and Sassy Bloom boxes. If you want one of these, let me know.
  •  Meet the makers guide

And now – it´s time to dig in! 🙂

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