Flavourly box

Today I received another Flavourly box! What was inside this time?

Flavourly boxSimply Golden Berries by Clearly Scrumptious. I had them before and I wasn´t impressed. I wish they sent me dried cherries or cranberries, which they offer as well.

Venison Bolognese – pasta sauce by David and Oliver Foods. Flavour: British venison with tomatoes, red wine and basil. I am curious about this sauce, because I like red wine in sauces. Sounds promising, I will definitely use it soon.

Chika´s plantain crisps, with chilli flavour. These are crisps from plantain potatoes, although on the picture it looks more like slices of bananas. I tried them straight away and first I couldn´t feel much of the chilli flavour. Then I had some more and I have to say the spiciness is just right, increasing with the amount of crisps eaten.

Flavourly boxPatchworks Pate´s tomato and roasted red pepper chutney with Unicorn ale and a sprinkle of cumin; Patchwork Pate´s spelt oat fingers with sweet chilli. These are, I guess, supposed to be eaten together.

Sensible Dave´s granola with a mixture of berries. This one will go with me to the office. It will be great for breakfast with white or Greek yoghurt.

Spicy chorizo sticks. Will be fine to munch on while watching TV or something.

Periodic Pornstar Martini cocktail infused jelly by We Love Jelly. It´s an interesting idea, I have never seen it before. You just put the cup in the freezer for 30 minutes – 1 hour and you have a refreshing drink. Or slush. We´ll see. When´s the next party? 🙂

Milk chocolate, cardamom and vanilla Delhi mix bar. A pocket-size bar of chocolate, it will not last long, that´s for sure.

Gourmet salted roasted giant corn, with chilli flavour. By Inka Snacks.


As always, there were some vouchers and leaflets:


  • Meet the makers guide
  • promo leaflet for contact lenses. I have no idea what contact lenses have to do with food, I don´t like this type of advertising when the promoted product doesn´t have anything to do with the box contents.
  • 10% discount for Stack magazine subscription.
  • Carnivore Club promo card.
  • Flavourly promo card.
  • Flavourly Craft Beer Club promo card.
  • pactcoffee.com promo card.
  • We Love Jelly promo card, shaped like a beer (cocktail) mat. A nice idea.

That was it. Lots of good stuff again. Wanna have your own Flavourly box now?

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