The new year post

I´d like to wish my readers all the best in 2015!

At the end of a year it is quite common to review the year that is coming to an end, so let me summarize my first blogging year.

It was in August when I started to write this blog. I wasn´t sure if I am able to write regularly, but now I have been blogging for 5 months. I have produced around 20 posts, Altogether my blog was viewed more than 480 times. Most of the readers come from the Czech republic, the UK and the USA. I uploaded more than 100 pictures. I earned my very first and for the time being the only one comment. I also have two followers. I can´t wait how the numbers are going to change during this year!

Because I really started to like blogging and I´d like not only to continue writing, but also improve the blog as a whole, I decided to take a blogging course. It´s starting next Monday and it will take 4 weeks. Till now I have just simply written and uploaded pictures and probably it´s time to take it a bit further…  I am really curious how the course is gonna affect my blog. Fingers crossed!

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