My favourite blogs

This post is another assignment for the Blogging 101 course. Because I was busy the past few days, I am behind with the tasks, but from today I´m gonna catch up.

Today´s task was to share a few links I love. So this is what I like:

– recently I found a blog written by “a person who hides their mental health problem“. I read some posts and they are thought-provoking. Something from not-that-bright side of life.

– I recommend Corinne McKay´s blog, Thoughts on Translation, to every translator, especially to those that are starting out. The site is full of useful tips.

– for beautiful pictures of babies, children, families and recently dogs as well, check my friend´s blog where she showcases her work.

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  1. Thank you. Anyway, there´s not really space for a blogroll in this theme.


  2. Margaret says:

    I like this way of doing the Blogging101 assignment – it seems more alive than a more or less neglected blogroll down the side. And ZuHuda’s photos are beautiful


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