3 book tips: 2 foodie books + 1 travel photography book

Today I´d like to share with you three book tips.

The first one is Food Lover´s Guide to the World by Lonely Planet. This is a book for people like me – who travel and like to taste food on their journeys. In the first part of the book the focus is on food in selected countries and in the second part on food in whole regions. First the culinary traditions of a specific country/area are described in general and then the most significant food, drinks or dishes are presented. The book is full of beautiful pictures. It also contains useful tips for where to eat or buy good food, foodie festival lists and, which I especially appreciate, recipes. So even if you don´t travel, you have a cookbook with recipes from the whole world!


The second book I want to recommend is for people who, like me, like to take pictures on the road. Travel Photography by Steve Davey (Footprint) is something I needed and wanted all the time since I bought my DSLR camera. I am one of those who usually take pictures with a few basic pre-set modes. I never really got to studying guides and manuals on the internet. Many of them were too professional for me and I was often confused by the overload of jargon. Now I have found out that there´s a book that explains everything clearly in one print volume. Moreover, the tips are focused on taking pictures on trips, which is what I mainly use my camera for. The book is not only full of invaluable know-how, but also packed with stunning photographs taken by the author.


The last book is Food Junkie by Mons Kallentoft. The book is full of stories describing gastronomic journeys to many places around the world in the pursuit of experiencing the perfect taste. The author´s obsession by food and eating is evident. The book doesn´t have any pictures, but the food descriptions are mouth-watering enough. As a ribbon connecting the individual gastronomic stories together is the author´s life story and musings about life, love and family.


Have you read any of these books? Do you have any of them at home? What do you think about them? Or are you now thinking about getting any of them?


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