Flavourly box – March 2015

Another load of great stuff came this week.

Flavourly food box

Joe & Seph’s popcorn with olive oil, truffle oil and truffle salt. Actually this was a big surprise – and not a pleasant one. We opened the package, smelt it and – wohohoo, that was some pungent smell! I don´t know, probably I´m not the right person for truffles… However, if you don´t smell it, you can eat it. But they have better flavours…

Dried golden berries by Clearly Scrumptious. I had them, I wasn´t very impressed.

Bannoffee Meets Chocolate by Choc+. This one is already gone. I tried it yesterday and I liked the combination. I have always liked the combination of banana and chocolate and toffee just adds that little extra.

Flavourly food box

Turmeric and tamarind coconut sugar by Coconom. It´s actually organic coconut palm nectar in granules. I had this one before and I´m happy to get it again. Last time I used it for baking a kind of gingerbread-style cake.

Crunchy pineapple by Emily Fruit Crisps. Yummy, ate the whole bag at once. I like their colourful packages as well.

Spanish Chicken Traybake by Dorset Spice Shed (Saison). With barbecue season approaching, this one will definitely find its use. I like that there is a recipe with a shopping list on the package, I always welcome this when I try something new from Flavourly.

Flavourly food box

Gran Luchito´s Smoked chilli ketchup. The same as above applies for this one – bring the sunny BBQ weekends on!

Lime and mint curd by Scarlett & Mustard. I like lemon curd, so I have high hopes for lime one. I´m just not so sure about the mint, but it might surprise.

Cheddar cheese straws by Nibs Nibs. I had these before and I like them, it´s good to nibble on them anywhere you take them.

Mutti´s mint and redcurrant dressing. Mint again. I´m not really sure what to use it for. The guide suggests coucous, potato dishes etc. This is something I will have to experiment with. Any tips?

Gingerbread toppers by Whole Plus. Good idea to send this one together with the sugar, I already have some ingredients for a cake!

Fruit and nut mix by Flavourly. I´m repeating myself with office yoghurt breakfasts, aren´t I? 🙂

Flavourly food box

As always, the products are complemented with a guide and selected vouchers.

That´s it for the box.

There´s some good news from Flavourly – they opened Marketplace, where you can buy your favourite products from the previous boxes. Or those other flavours/types of products from the box that you saw in the brochure and wanted to try as well.

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