Flavourly box – April

The April Flavourly box came more than a week ago, but I was off for some days, so only now I can share it with you. So – what was waiting inside?

Flavourly boxHot Pepper Jelly by Trotter´s Independent – not sure what to use it in – any ideas? They say it´s good even in a chocolate cake, so I might try that.

Beetroot ketchup by The Foraging Fox – I can´t imagine how this is going to taste, it will be a surprise.

Spiced Chai Latte by Drink Me – I found two small sachets with this chai in a Flavourly box some time ago and I enjoyed it, so I´m glad I got a whole pack this time. I think drinking chai is the only way I enjoy drinking tea with milk.

Flavourly box

Amarena cherries in dark chocolate by Landgarten – I love cherries in dark chocolate! And I wouldn´t mind if I found these in one of the future boxes again – they´re delicious! Also they´re organic, fair trade, gluten-free and vegan. What more do you want? 🙂

Lemon pie toppers by Wholeplus – it´s supposed to be a pie topper, but I think I´m just gonna mix it into yoghurt or porridge for breakfast.

Fruit and nut mix by Flavourly – second breakfast pot. It´s gonna end up the same as the previous one.

Maca, vanilla and cacao nibs by Doisy&Dam – a bar of organic 74% dark chocolate. It´s also vegan and gluten-free. And it´s educational as well, I´ve never heard about maca before… 🙂 If this is your case as well, I found a nice info page about it with plenty of diagrams and charts.

Rosemary and sea salt savoury biscuits by Angelic – they´re OK, but I´ve received them several times before, so nothing new for me. They´re gluten, dairy, wheat and egg free.

Bomba XXX tomato sauce by Laura Santtini – I had this one before, but I´m happy to get it again. It´s triple concentrated tomato purée with red wine and sottrito. (Another educational item – I haven´t heard about sottrito before. It´s a mix of carrot, celery and onion.) Last time I used it for prawn pasta. This time I might use it in savoury puff pastry swirls.

Flavourly box

Rosemary and thyme pitta chips by Soffle´s – vegan chips. I had them before, also in a chilli version. They´re fine, but sometimes too thick and hard to bite.

Air dried apple crisps by Perry Court Farm – had them, liked them. Simple and simply good.

Metcalfe´s skinny corncakes with rosemary flavour – looks like the flavour of this month is rosemary… Anyway, another gluten-free snack.

That was it for this month – I think this load of products was quite big and satisfying. Can´t wait what I´ll get next month…

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