Which photography magazine to choose (Canon)?

I am thinking about subscribing some magazine about photography. I am an amateur and I have Canon. 

This week I picked two magazines in a supermarket to try some – Amateur Photographer and PhotoPlus – The Canon Magazine.

I´d prefer practical tips and guides. Also, since I use Canon, articles about Nikon etc. are irrelevant for me. Therefore PhotoPlus would seem to be a good option. I´m not very much interested in post-editing and camera/lens tests, although these will probably be in every magazine of this type.

I´d like to ask those who have longer that my one-random-issue experience with some magazine like these to share their points of view.

Also, are there any magazines that you can´t buy in shops, only subscribe? I think there is some EOS magazine…

I know that there´s also plenty of online resources, but having a print copy means that I will actually read it and not just stock it in an email folder 🙂

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