(tsp.) – a café in Stoke on Trent

Today I finally had an opportunity to go to a café that I walked past and wanted to visit so many times. I skipped the otherwise mandatory brunch in the Slovak restaurant and went to this place instead. It is located on the same street as the Slovak place, Piccadilly in Hanley.

The café´s got an original name, (tsp.), which reflects the nature of the business. It is quite small and the atmosphere is very friendly. Although it´s on a corner at a busy crossroad, it´s well isolated and you are not disturbed by any street noise. There are large windows, so you can watch people walking by while sipping your cuppa whatever you like. They also play nice music, it´s a good background for a meeting with your friends.

I felt like having sweet breakfast. First I wanted to have hot chocolate and some sweet pastry, but when I stepped inside, I spotted the (cup)cakes… There were two big, yummy-looking cakes and several rows of irresistible cupcakes. I picked a chocolate one with cream and a strawberry on the top. By the way, I like the way they present them – on simple wooden trays, which go well with the furniture.


The staff is friendly and when I asked for a loyalty card, because I thought it was not my last time there, they surprised me with their original loyalty card system – you get the usual card for collecting stamps, you collect stamps for your purchases and after you have a certain amount of stamps, you get something for free. Here they added to this routine procedure that extra something by letting you roll a dice and how many points you roll, that many stamps you get. I´m not sure if it doesn´t apply only to the first visit, but even if, it´s a nice gesture and makes you pay with a smile on your face.

Cupcake at (tsp.)

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