Great green and white teas or fruit and herbal infusions – two tips

I´d like to share with you some tasty tea tips. Since in England everybody seems to prefer black tea, which I don´t really drink, and supermarkets offer still the same selection of fruit and green teas, I´m grateful for every good tip for green or white tea or herbal and fruit infusions producers. I often buy some at Whittard or Holland and Barret, but after two years even these are becoming quite repetitive. Check out these two new companies I discovered recently.

The first company I´d like to mention is Bluebird Tea Co. Mixologists. We came across their shop while walking the Lanes in Brighton where they´re based. I had a problem not to go crazy and buy a half of their sortiment, but finally I managed to limit myself to just two packs. I went for fruit blends, Cococabana Coola and Apple Strudel. The only reason I walked out with only two packs that was that you can order online (link above). They offer 5 types of tea, rooibos, yerba mate and fruit or herbal infusions. And lots of other stuff…

I discovered the second company, Jimmy Bean, during the Continental Market in Stoke on Trent. Besides tea they sell coffee as well. You can check their webpage here. As usual, I had a problem to choose just a few types and after some hard time of selecting I picked these:

  • Fruit infusions – Mixed Red Berries and Elderflower and Lemon
  • Flowers and petals – Rose Petals
  • Flavoured white tea – pomegranate White Leaf
  • Green tea – Japanese Cherry with Flowers

My favourite is the pomegranate tea, it smells amazing and tastes great as well.


Do you have any tips where to buy good green or white tea and fruit infusions? Please share them in comments. Thank you.


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