Flavourly box – June 2015

The latest Flavourly box came some time ago, but only now I found the time to write about it… So what was in the box?

Flavourly box, May 2015

Berry mix from flavourly – this one now comes regularly. It´s good to add to a yoghurt or porridge. I just don´t get why they call it Berry mix when it contains only cranberries…

Carob and Wildflower Honey Spread by Savvy Spreads – I have quite high hopes for this one. The main ingredient is sesame and that in combination with honey can´t be bad, can it?

Sundried tomato and basil mayonnaise by Sussex Valley – although nearly all the ingredients are my favourite ones, I was a bit disappointed with the taste. Maybe I was expecting it to be more sundried-tomatoish… I don´t know.

Extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil with mojito flavour – mojito and oil?! That´s a really weird combination, I can´t imagine the taste. Any ideas how to use this one?

Flavourly box May

Popcorn with ginger flavour by Poporopo – might be good. We´ll see if it´s gonna be as amaizing as they state on the package. Nice word play, BTW.

Two Dragonfly tea teabags, organic green tea Emerald Mountain and organic white tea Swirling Mist – these will be tested soon. I saw them in Tesco, so if I like them, I know where to go.

Olive leaf tea with organic pomegranate by Mirabilia – I have never drunk olive tea! That´s gonna be something new. They say that the tea doesn´t leave any stains, that´s interesting.

Classic shiro miso soup by Miso Tasty – this is basically an instant soup. The original recipe comes from Japan. I don´t know what to expect, really.

Fruit bars by Get Fruity – I got three pieces, strawberry flavour, mixed berry and apricot + orange + ginger. I had these before and I remember they were good.

Flavourly box May

Parsnip crisps with chilli and lime by Scrubbys – I quite like vegetable (other than potato) crisps and lime flavour is always good, so this one probably can´t be bad.

Hot and spicy nut clusters – these can be an interesting snack. At first glance I thought these are puffed rice cakes, but since I don´t like them, I was quite relieved that these are actually only from nuts.

Coated crunchy peas with cheesy peasy and onion flavour by Taking the Pea – another promising snack. I like the word play, obviously smaller companies try to catch the customer´s attention not only by the product qualities, but also by using puns. Also the sub-title rhymes: No mush, just lush. And the best thing on the package is that on the back they tell you how long you need to exercise to use up the calories in the packet (spoiler – for this package it´s a 30-minute cycle ride).

That was it for this month!

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