The best marinated sundried tomatoes ever!

Recently I have come across the best marinated sun-dried tomatoes ever. I bought them at the Slow Food & Living Market in London. This market takes place every Sunday at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn. Slow roasted tomatoes with garlic oil The company producing the tomatoes is called The Tomato Stall. They offer a wide range of tomatoes and tomato products. At the market I saw everything from fresh tomatoes of all colours, shapes and sizes to pasta sauces and chutneys. And you can find even more of their sortiment online.

I picked oak smoked slow roasted sun-dried tomatoes in garlic oil. The tomatoes are grown on the Isle of Wight. I have to admit that I was a bit suspicious about the taste, because I couldn´t believe that tomatoes grown in the Great Britain could be of similar quality of those from Spain, for example. You know, I was thinking about the amount of sun rays they can get here. But I was so wrong… They taste so different from any I had before! I became addicted, I think. I like to eat them just next to cheese with bread. I am currently planning to order some more online and also try some different flavours. For example the ones in basil oil look tasty…

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  1. Thanks 🙂 Just today we group-ordered from their online shop, so I´m looking forward to tasting them again!


  2. Those sun dried tomatoes sound yummy! I always dry some of mine in the summer, but don’t have a smoker. They do however, get that concentrated flavor fresh tomatoes don’t have.


    1. So how do you dry them? Do you use a special fruit/veg dryer machine? And which types of tomatoes do you dry?


      1. Yes, I have a dehydrator. I dry all kinds of tomatoes: cherry tomatoes cut in half, big ones sliced about 1/2 cm thick and also the Italian saucers like Romas. They get a little crisper than the store-bought ones, but are great for cooking and even eating plain. There is also a way to roast them in the oven on very low heat with lots of garlic and herbs. Those stay moister, so I just freeze them in small containers. If you can get some good inexpensive tomatoes, try it.

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  3. Razel says:

    I love sun dried tomatoes! Sadly, I’ve not found much of a variety besides the mass marketed type. Good find!


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