Flavourly box – July 2015

The new boxful of great stuff is here! After opening the box I quickly realized that this load is mainly products I had before or their variations, however, there are some new things to try. I also got another voucher for Marketplace and one for HelloFresh. There was no Meet the Makers guide this time, probably they forgot to put it in… So. Which goodies came this month?Flavourly boxI will have several breakfasts sorted if I buy some white yoghurts… It looks like they put the Superfusions Berry Mix from Flavourly (below) into every box now. Then I got dried pineapple from Urban Fruit, dried raisins from Snapz and toasted coconut crisps by Nudie Snacks. If not with yoghurt, I might eat these with the On the go granola. It includes also whole milk powder, so you just add water and it´s ready! 

The Milk chocolate bar with sea salt by Willie´s Cacao looks promising, I like the combination of sweet and salty flavour.

Flavourly boxOne of the new products is olive tapenade by Olivebranch made from green olives, extra virgin olive oil, florina peppers, garlic, chilli, vinegar, ground red pepper, oregano and ground black pepper. That sounds like a tasty combination, doesn´t it?

The second one is a seasoning blend by Saison!, and it looks really good – sea salt, herbs, tomato, onion, garlic, black pepper and chilli. I think I will try it next week when I want to cook pasta with salmon, it might go well together.

Then there were products I have already tried – a meal kit for Thai Red, which I liked, so that´s another lunch for next week. Berries and cucumber alcoholic ice tea by Harry Bromptons – why not, it´s summer anyway (ehm, ehm, according to this year´s summer in England hot tea would be more appropriate, but at least I will get into the summer mood). Savoury snack by Rani´s wasn´t my favourite, but I´m sure I find somebody who´ll like it.

And last, beer bread! Perfect, I wanted to get it again since I received the last one with chilli. This time I got chocolate flavour, so I´m a bit unsure – is it going to be more like bread or cake? Considering baking, it might go well with Guinness or some ale with chocolate flavour, what do you think? And since the bread is going to be sweet, it will be a perfect base for the carob and wildflower honey spread or date and sesame spread.

Hmmm, yummy. That was it. Fortunately, because I got really hungry during writing this post 🙂

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