Around Etruria with my camera: A ladybird model

One day this week after work I went for a walk with my camera. There is a small lake just a stone´s throw from our house and on the way from work I saw that there was the bird have been obsessed with since like a month ago. It´s probably a heron, but I´m not 100 % sure, I´m not really a bird specialist. I saw it at the lake several times, but I never had a camera with me and I was always on my way somewhere, so no time to go back home for the camera and back. This time I sniffed my chance.

I went home and came back a while later. Guess what – the bird was gone! I was searching for it around the lake if it´s not hiding somewhere in reeds, but I was unlucky. After that I wasn´t aiming for anything specific, I just went on along the canal and waited for something to come up. I started to focus to find a subject to practise my macro photo skills. Unfortunately both meadows near the canal have been mowed recently, so there was little chance to see any bugs. I made a few snaps here and there and only on a main road, moments before I´d turn back and go home, I spotted a ladybird.

Ladybirds are great material for macro. They are colourful, very photogenic and, most importantly, slow 🙂 Unless they fall down or fly away you have some time to fiddle with the camera settings and try different angles or perspectives.

This ladybird was especially kind. It didn´t look to be in rush. It was moving, but it also took breaks, so I spent quite some time photographing it. Have a look at my model:

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