A new boxful of goodies from Flavourly

It doesn´t even seem so long since the last box came – and I´ve got a new one again! What was inside?

Flavourly box - July 2015Almond and honey brittle by el lobo. A hard sweet bar with 60 % of almonds. You can find it as turrón (Spanish), in the Czech Republic we call it turecký med (literal translation would be Turkish honey). It´s pretty hard, hope my teeth will survive.

Smoked chilli mayo by Gran Luchito. Chilli mayo? OK, we´ll give it a try. Soon there should be some barbecue where we can test it.

Olive tapenade with goat´s cheese, rosemary and chilli by Olive Branch. I got a jar with a different flavour last time. I haven´t opened it yet, but I´m looking forward to trying each of them.

Oil-free caper and peppercorn dressing by Righteous. Well, I can imagine better what to do with this one than with the raspberry and basil flavoured version that is still unopened in my fridge. Still, any ideas?

Chilli infused cold pressed rapeseed oil by Supernature. Chilli oil can always find its space in our kitchen.

Spice mix for spaghetti Bolognese by Dorset Spice Shed. Spaghetti Bolognese is one of our favourite quick lunch-box dishes, so I can image we´ll try it out soon. And it´s all in one – you can find a shopping list, instructions and some tips directly on the package!

Flavourly box - July 2015The rest was basically snacks – toasted corn kernels with sea salt, dark chocolate bar by Willie´s Cacao, fruit bar with ginger, pineapple and coconut, caramel and orange marmalade popcorn by Joe and Seph´s, spicy roasted chickpeas by On The Pulse and chilli plantain crisps by Chika´s. Loads of stuff to nibble on! I love chocolate, especially the dark type. Fruit bars are an ideal quick healthy snack anytime. I´m just a bit aftraid of those corn kernels and chickpeas, they tend to be pretty hard.

As I mentioned in my previous Flavourly post, last time there wasn´t any Meet the Makers guide included. This time I found out why – they were changing its form. This time I got a simplified, just two-page overwiew of the producers on recycled paper. The print is a bit worse, but still legible and, hey, it´s about the food, isn´t it? Then they attach something like an intro card with basic information about Flavourly – good for first-timers.

I also got 12 discount vouchers – 6 vouchers for 10£ off Deluxe food boxes and 6 vouchers for 12£ off Craft beer boxes (always valid for your first box). If you want any of them, let me know (it´s just a code you need to paste in your order).

There was also a recipe card for Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms using the olive tapenade with goat´s cheese, rosemary and chilli mentioned above. It´s an interesting idea for a starter – it´s just a pity we usually cook one-course meals.

And now, enough of writing. It´s time for some tasting!

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  1. Sounds like a yummy box of goodies! Olive tapenade is so tasty! 😀


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