Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration

This week´s photo challenge topic is Inspiration. First, I wasn´t sure how to interpret it best. Today I went for a walk with my camera, as I usually do, just to find some subjects to practise my reverse-lens and telephoto-lens macro photo skills. I am usually trying to capture bees, bumble bees, flies and ladybirds as they are quite easy to find around here. Today, to my surprise, I spotted some dragonflies flying around…

It was actually on my way back from the photo walk when I stopped at a small lake to capture some butterflies. Suddenly a dragonfly flew by. I was thinking it was hopeless to try to take picture of it, because they fly so fast. However, after some time I noticed (an orange) one sitting on a wooden fence, basking in the sun. That was my chance. I fired some shots and when I saw it doesn´t move, I tried to come closer and experiment a bit with lenses and settings. Later on I spotted another orange one and also there was a blue dragonfly. You can see two of the best pictures below.

These dragonflies will definitely be my inspiration and the force to take my camera, get out and practise some more!

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  1. rubyr8 says:

    Cool shots, we have alot in my area as well. Takes alot of patience shooting them as i work with a fixed lens, also a good inspiration to go out shooting more. 🙂

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  2. Thank you. Exactly, you don´t see them very often. Actually I´ve spotted them at that place for the first time in 2,5 years 🙂


  3. desleyjane says:

    Wonderful!! I don’t see dragonflies very often but I’d love to capture them like you have here.

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