Bugs and flowers around Etruria, Stoke on Trent

After a post about dragonflies I decided to show you other, more common but still pretty, species living around Etruria and some flowers as well.

First ladybirds. The first ladybird was pretty difficult to photograph and it wasn´t nearly as patient as my previous model. I was really disappointed with the pictures when I saw them on a big screen (on the camera screen everything looks sharper than on a computer). I managed to pick a few publishable ones though and this is my favourite. The second ladybird was also running around like crazy, but I once managed to press the shutter at the right moment and I got this. The wood is rendered basically black and white and the colour of the ladybird stands beautifully out. The style reminds me of something, but I don´t know what exactly 😀

Here we have some colourful flowers, a thistle and a poppy:

And some butterflies:

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