Flavourly box – August 2015

It´s the time again. Time for what? Time to tell you about the new Flavourly box! Yaay! What was there this time?

Bakarwadi bites (crispy rolls with a spicy, aromatic filling) by howdah – I have totally no idea what this will taste like, but since it says on the package that it contains also coriander and fennel, I don´t think this will be my favourite. Hopefully somebody from the office will like it.

Flavourly box August

Salted corn tapas by On the Pulse – giant corn. A small pack just for a quick snack.

Sweet potato with chilli and lime by fairfields farm crisps. I had these before and I liked them, thanks for sending them again.

Cranberry and cashew granola by Pour in Pot. Quick office breakfast, yum!

Granola flapjack with cranberries, sunflower seeds and yoghurt topping. Looks like a healthy snack…

Almond and cranberry energy block by Pernelius Percival´s.  And another one…

Mulberries coated with 80% Peruvian criollo cacao. Hmm, interesting. I will mix it into Greek yoghurt for breakfast as well.

Flavourly box August

Super Cinnamon natural peanut butter with cinnamon and honey by The Wild Peanut. I´m looking forward to trying this one, it can´t be bad.

Dressing by Tigg´s. Another dressing. I don´t know what to do with them. I don´t really use dressings and they usually come in very suprising flavours. This one has vinegar, olive oil, tomatoes, sugar, onions, lemons, garlic, salt, herbs. Any tips what to use it for?

Apricot, carrot and coriander couscous from Saison! – I like couscous, but not coriander. I will try to somehow sift the mixture so that I can separate it. I will probably cook the rest and mix it with some fruit. I know, it´s supposed to be a base for chicken tagine, but I´ll rather turn it into a fruit salad.

Alcohol-free elderflower shampagne cocktail by Fitzpatrick´s. Alcohol-free shampagne sounds strange, but why not, I like elderflower flavour, let´s give it a try.

Flavourly box August


That´s it for food! On the top of all this there was a new type of the Meet the Makers Guide. It was on recycled paper again, but on bigger format than last time. I also got lots of vouchers with codes – if you want the code, let me know, you get 10 GBP off and I get 5 GBP off.

Now to you – have you ever ordered any kind of a surprise food package? Maybe also from Flavourly? Or from some other company? Did you like it? Did you feel disappointed? Do you order packed or fresh food?

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