Elusive bird finally captured – A heron and more animals in Stoke

Yesterday was my day! In the morning I was on my way to the bus station, walking around the lake in Etruria, when I spotted the bird I was after since I saw it for the first time in spring. It´s a heron (at least I think so, correct me if I´m wrong) and I saw it several times, but I never had a camera with me. Yesterday it was in my backpack, so I took it out quickly and snapped a few pictures before the heron flew away. I´d like to know where it usually lives so that I can trace it. The best picture is unfortunately not sharp enough, but I´m glad that I managed to take picture of the bird at all as it was becoming my obsession 🙂

Today in the morning I tried my luck again, but no success, so I at least took some snaps of some other animals that I could find – there was a coot with cootlings at the lake and a spider and several spider webs in front of our house.

Here are also pictures of a squirrel that I took some weeks ago in the Hanley park in Stoke:

You can more posts about other types of animals in Etruria here (birds), here (bugs), here (dragonflies) and here (ladybird).

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