Flavourly box – September 2015

Yes, it´s time for a new load of goodies from Flavourly! In September I received plenty of new products to try. Only 2 (resp. 3) items were the same as in some of the previous Flavourly boxes.

These were Crunchy raisins by Snapz and 2 bars of Get Fruity bars. I really like these bars, I often have them after swimming, so that I don´t starve to death before I get home and eat something proper. Also, I usually keep one of these fruity/raw products in my bag in case I get hungry somewhere on the go.

Now to the new stuff:

Blood tonic cordial by Mr. Fitzpatrick´s. Cordials are always welcome. Mixed with water it´s my favourite at-home drink. This cordial also contains botanical extracts, specifically rosehip and nettle extracts.

Apricot and lavender jam by The London Jam Factory. Jams are also welcome. It says it´s got 66 % of apricots. I have high hopes for the lavender flavour since this is one of my favourite ones.

Chocolate mug brownie mix by bakedin. Brownie in 1 minute, is there anything quicker than this? All you need to add is butter and water/milk. And it´s got chocolate bits as well! I´m definitely gonna try this one as soon as I buy some milk.

Stem ginger and dark chocolate fudge by Melting Pot. I don´t really fancy ginger, but I´m curious how it´s gonna taste.

Chickpea crispbread with seeds and black pepper by easy bean came a bit broken.

6 goji and coconut protein balls by The Protein Ball – that´s in the same category as fruit bars above.

Peanut pakoras (roasted nuts wrapped in a spicy, crispy case) by howdah. Looks like a variation on coated peanuts.

Risotto – Ai Funghi Porcini by La Dolce Vita. 3 portions, that´s gonna be perfect for a lunch at work or a really quick dinner. According to the instructions it should take only 17 minutes to prepare this dish and you need only water, butter and Parmesan cheese. Yummy!

Ingredients for Onion Bhaji by tastesmiths. Hmm, onion bhaji, I had no idea what this could be. The package looked like a lot of flour with a packet with chilli and a packet with some spice. But then I found out it´s meant for mixing with onions and frying – and fried onion is something I really love.

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