Flavourly box – October 2015

The monthly Flavourly box review is back! It took some time to actually get hold of the October box because of some delivery problems. However, now it´s safe and sound at home and ready to be enjoyed!

So what was waiting for me this time?

Flavourly box, October 2015

Garlic and rosemary rye sourdough crisps from Plain Tasty – I ate them with the olive tapenade I got some time ago. Not sure if they were intended to be consumed this way, but I liked it!

Hot toffee nuts – caramelised jumbo peanuts with a hint of chilli by VIP Nuts – it will be good for snacking, probably next time during a film in a cinema.

Lightly salted coconut curls by Ape Snacks – I have never had salty coconut, I´m curious about the flavour! I usually eat coconut flakes added to a plain yoghurt, but these are salty, so I´m just gonna munch on them.

Lightly spiced chickpea crisps by Chika´s – these will be good with the rest of the olive tapenade or any other dip.

Flavourly box, October 2015

Vegetable crisps by Scrubbys (beetroot, sweet potato, parsnip and carrot crisps with sea salt) – I really like these alternative crisps. These are gone already and they were really nice. I like vegetable crisps, the flavour is much better than common potato crisps. My thoughts about vegetable crisps in general usually are: are the producers´ claims that they also contain less fat, actually true or not?

Raspberry marshmallow coated in 70% dark chocolate by Mallow and Marsh – this bar has fallen victim to my yesterday´s sweet tooth. It was really delicious, the marshmallow is fluffy and the chocolate coating and raspberry seeds are crunchy, so it makes a nice contrast.

Rosemary and sea salt biscuits by Angelic – not my favourite. I´ll bring them to share in the office.

Bhuna (curry kit) by Hari Ghotra – please no more products with fennel and coriander. This is definitely not my cup of tea. However, I found somebody who I´m redirecting these products to, so it´s gonna be enjoyed anyways.

Flavourly box, October 2015

Green tea with ginseng by Tg Green Tea – a good one, it will help me concentrate on Monday at work.

Medium hot pili pili sauce by MaRobert´s – it´s a spicy tomato Tanzanian sauce made in the UK. I´m curious.

Zesty orange curd by Scarlett and Mustard – yes, I like curds, being it lemon, lime or orange.

Umami spiced garlic purée by Laura Santini – it says garlic purée, but the ingredients are really interesting for garlic paste: miso, soy sauce, lemon and yuzu juice, mirin (the last two I had to google up), ginger… How do you use a paste like this? Any tips?

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