Changes at Tasting the World

If you are a returning reader you might have spotted some changes going on on my blog.

The most obvious one – the theme. During its lifetime my blog changed its coat several times. The first few tries were looking good, but there was always something missing. Either there was insufficient space for photos or I didn´t like the layout or something else. So I went on to try some other themes and over time I settled on Triton Lite, which stayed with me for most of the time (I think). However, even with that one I wasn´t 100 % happy – I found the font too indistinctive, bland. Believe it or not, this Thursday my dream theme (so far I haven´t found any drawbacks 🙂 ) was published! From the first time I saw it I fell in love with it. The layout is similar to Triton Lite, but bolder. It just something I hoped for for some time. It displays the Czech characters right as well. Clear winner.

I have also taken another Blogging University course. This time it was blogging 201 for intermediate customizing. I learned some new things and I am tempted to delve deeper into HTML in future, it looks exciting!

So that was for what has already happened. Now let´s look into the future a bit.

I´d like to blog more often. I hope I can do it. In the previous blogging 201 course one task was to create an editorial calendar to help us do that. It´s a wonderful idea. However, sticking with that calendar is impossible for me. I´m sitting in front of a computer writing texts at work. Then at home I rather catch up with my friends and family since I´m living abroad. I also find that some posts require a lot of time to prepare and therefore I´m not posting as often as I´d like to, although the stuff is in my head. It just takes time to actually write it all down in some readable way. I believe it´s better to let the calendar be and write naturally than to force myself. For me it´s a hobby, not a job, so I don´t want to set myself deadlines. Nevertheless, I hope that in winter, when I expect I won´t travel that much, my posting frequency will increase.

Another aspect is what I write. This blog is supposed to be about food and travels. Everything is fine with that, I don´t digress from these two topics much. The problem is I tend to write more about food because for me that´s easier and doesn´t need that much time. I even received a complaint recently that at the beginning I said that this blog will be about travelling (and food) – so where are the travelling posts? 😀 I totally admit that. The reasons are above. So that makes writing more about travels another aim.

I´m also planning to write small series of posts on different topics. The first series will be quite seasonal – advent calendars for food and drink lovers. Another series I had in mind would be about restaurants and food markets in and around Stoke on Trent and London. I have already written posts in the past that will fit into these series.

The last thing I´m planning is to upload a brand new logo to my site and related social media pages. The logo is currently being developed. I´m looking forward to introducing it.

So. That´s it. Let´s hope everything will go as planned (utopic, I know)! Well done to those who have read the post all the way through, I admit this was a lenghty one 🙂


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  1. Thanks 🙂 Well you can try it out and then change it back.

    The logo – I drafted it, decided on the style and colours, and one of my friends is doing the final (publishable 🙂 ) version.

    For note-taking I usually use simple paper and pen, put the paper into my diary and then rewrite it into a draft post. That way I don´t forget those little details I´d forget when I´ll be writing the post 3 months later.


  2. desleyjane says:

    LOL (making it to the end). I love the idea of an editorial calendar too but it’s very difficult to stick to when you have so much else going on. I use Evernote on my iPhone to start capturing ideas and writing posts. I used to use the Notes app but discovered that when you cut and paste from there it doesn’t format very well. Looking forward to reading more from you and seeing your logo! I’m thinking about adding a logo and I think I’ve come up with the basic design – how are you creating it?
    Oh and I was going to try the Dyad theme – it looks great on your blog!

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