Edible advent calendars – Part 2: Alcoholic drinks

This is the second part of my mini post series about edible advent calendars. Last week I gave you 10 tips for tea advent calendars. Today let´s have a look at calendars whose content can warm you up as well, but in a different way – advent calendars with alcoholic drinks! I think it goes without saying that alcohol is more expensive than tea, so these calendars are generally not cheap and some of them are not cheap at all. Anyway, check it out, surprisingly (at least for me) you can have an advent calendar made from many types of alcohol:

If you prefer hoppy flavours, you might go for a craft beer advent calendar. I found three options. First, there is craftbeeradventcalendar.co.uk. You will find “saisons, stouts, pilsners and ales from the likes of Flying Dog, Brooklyn Brewery, Anchor and Camden”. 75 GBP with free delivery. Second, there is another beer advent calendar, which is a bit cheaper (60 GBP). It´s currently sold out, however, you can go for the third option called Hoppy Christmas – a collection of 12 Christmassy beers and a glass for 33 GBP instead. Get ready for Cwrw-istmas Beacons, Santa’s Darkside, Black Christmas, Red Nose Reinbeer, I Sea Santa and Xmas Chaos.

Surprisingly, the only wine advent calendar is DIY. There´s nothing official you can order (or at least I didn´t find anything). On the other hand, hand-made presents matter more, don´t they? So here, here and here you can have a look and maybe get inspired to create your very own wine advent calendar! There´s also a pretty good guide including the wine rack tips here.

So, which is your favourite one? Myself I´d probably go for the wine calendar, if it consisted from good wines.



While browsing the internet for the calendars, I found this link that presents some ideas for wine and beer inspired Christmas decorations. Check it out.

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