Flavourly box – November 2015

With a bit of delay (I was on holiday) I´m bringing you a review of the November Flavourly box.

This time I got these products:Flavourly box - cucumber and fennel soda, green tea, apple and mint preserve, cinammon peanut butter, chocolate spread, chilli relish

  • Cucumber and fennel seed soda – phew, fennel, I hope it doesn´t taste too much fennel. (Update one day later: It doesn´t. The cucumber flavour is much stronger. I was pleasantly surprised.) Otherwise, what an interesting combination!
  • Green tea with mandarin and ginseng – last time I got this tea it was really good, so I´m glad I received it again.
  • Apple and mint preserve – any ideas what to do with it?
  • Peanut butter with cinnamon and honey – I still have a jar of this one in my cupboard. First you have to mix it properly, because the oil separates from the mass and floats at the top. Even after mixing the texture is quite dense, so it´s not very easy to spread, but it tastes nice.
  • Biscuit butter – chocolate spread.
  • Scorpion, very hot chilli relish – it contains 40 % of Scotch Bonnet chillies, so I expect it to be properly hot. It will be tested soon.


  • Air dried pear and kiwi fruit crisps – 80 % pear, 20 % kiwi, it seems to be a healthy snack.
  • Raspberries in dark chocolate – yum, it was exactly as good as it sounds. I ate them during writing this post. And I want more!
  • Kale crisps – dried and flavoured with dried tomatoes and oregano.


  • Munchy seeds – pumpkin seeds and apricot covered in milk and dark chocolate. Unfortunately the side of the box is misprinted, so I can´t read anything on it. I´m sure I´m gonna love these anyway, it´s perfect to mix in plain white yoghurt for breakfast.

That´s it for now. Today I got an email from Flavourly that they will send the December box a bit earlier so that it comes before Christmas, so soon I´m gonna be back with more foody goodness!


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