Edible advent calendars – Part 3: Sweet treats

I know it´s quite late for a post about advent calendars, but some time ago I promised you a series of posts about them and the last one just got delayed because I was on holiday. So here it is, this time about calendars for those who´ve got a sweet tooth. You will probably not get these calendars this year anymore, but who knows, you might get inspired for the next year.

So let´s start with the most obvious choice for advent calendars – chocolate. There are many posts all around the Internet about chocolate advent calendars, so here are the best-of lists from Independent or the Olive magazine. Guardian even did a taste test of some. On chocolates.co.uk you will find a vast range of cheaper calendars, from Lindt through Maltesers to Cadbury and Disney, with themes ranging from Minions and Peppa Pig to Marvel heroes and Star Wars.

What other options do you have if you´d like something sweet, but you don´t necessarily want chocolate?

You can get advent calendars made from:

And probably many more types.

You can still check my previous posts about advent calendars with tea and alcoholic drinks.

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