Snapshots from the Czech Republic and Hungary

I realized I haven´t posted anything for the Weekly Photo Challenge for reeealy long time. So this is supposed to be a catch-up, cherry-picking some topics from the past 3 months.

Recently we (me and my boyfriend) have been to the Czech Republic and Hungary to see our families and friends. We had a great time and took plenty of pictures. I went through the topics of the WPC and then the photos and realized that there are some good matches. So here we are:

First we stayed in Prague and we went for a walk in the centre. I took pictures of many buildings, because they all look so special… One is colourful, another one is iconic, some other look very majestic – and this one is ornate:

Ornate building in Prague

Our next stop was my home town, Buchlovice. And Buchlovice is my happy place. This picture is taken from our balcony. I liked the combination of two types of clouds and blue sky – all in one.


In Hungary I spent one afternoon in Budapest where I visited some Christmas markets. And at Christmas markets you can indulge in plenty of treats – for example mulled wine. Some of them are served from simple, yet beautiful pots sitting on stove:

In Hungary we also visited Balaton, this time we went to Hévíz to enjoy the local thermal lake and Keszthely to visit a castle. We also stopped by at the Balaton lake and went for a walk. The sun was setting down and the sky got colourful – on one side. On the opposite side it was rather dull and grey, the water was reflecting that and the boundary between the sky and the water nearly disappeared:


We came back to Budapest once more to visit the ZOO. Although it was December, we saw plenty of animals, for example this rodent that was peeking out of its hole carefully to spot any danger.


That was it for the photo challenges, more detailed coverage of our trip should follow soon.

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