Flavourly box – December 2015

This is a bit belated post since the last box came long time ago – in December, before Christmas. However only now I got to write about it.

So, what goodies came in this time?

Flavourly box - December 2015

  • sweet tomato and pineapple relish by Farraday´s
  • Christmas chutney by Trotter´s – made from apples, onions, sultanas, vinegar, sugar, ginger and cinnamon
  • Rudolph´s leftover curry sauce by Scarlett and Mustard – does anybody want this one? We are most likely not going to use it.
  • biscuit butter – as always 🙂
  • ruby-red restorative winter calming tea by Teatonics – this is organic rooibos and hibiscuc tea with vanilla and cacao. Sounds yummy. And tastes as well – I actually made a cup during writing and I can confirm it is really nice – warming and sweet. I don´t usually drink rooibos tea, but I will definitely finish this one.

Flavourly box - December 2015

  • chocolate coated figs by Kam Alive – good to nibble on
  • handmade Irish cream liqueur and white chocolate fudge by Melting Pot – I´m not a big fan of fudge, but I´ll give it a try
  • traditional mulled wines spices by Saison! – that might come handy during winter 🙂 They say it´s enough for 4 bottles of wine – not bad for such a small sachet.
  • golden roasted vegetable spices by Saison! – we don´t really make roasted vegeables, but I might try to add some to roasted potatoes or some other types of dishes.
  • chocolate and cranberry organic snack mix by Landgarten – I think I never received anything from Landgarten that I wouldn´t like. This will be success as well, I´m sure.
  • mince pie popcorn with caramel, brandy infused fruit and almonds by Joe and Seph´s – I´m not sure about the mince pie flavour… I´m not British, so I´ll probably not appreciate it as much as they would. However, I might be pleasantly surprised.

That would be it for Flavourly reviews/reports for 2015. Let´s see what 2016 brings!

(Anybody around Stoke interested in the curry sauce?)

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