Flavourly box – January 2016

Yes, it´s already time for a new Flavourly box review. Without further ado, what did I get this time?


  • apple and mango fruit jerky by Snact. – 80 % apples, 20 % mango purée. The bits look like jelly strips of a chewing gum. I like their underlying idea – they say on the package that they were inspired to produce this by food being “thrown away because of their superficial imperfections”. I can only applaud to that.
  • rye sourdough crisps with caraway and black pepper and sesame seed by Rysp
  • dried apple wedges by Clearly Scrumptious
  • chilli plantain crisps by Chika´s
  • rosemary and thyme pitta chips by Soffle´s


  • aivar (roasted red pepper) by pelagonia – it´s a mixture of 70 % roasted peppers, 20 % roasted aubergine, olive oil and spices. Originally it comes from Macedonia.
  • Gran Luchito, smoked chilli ketchup
  • tapenade with Kalamata olives, fig and mint by Olivebranch – this one came not properly closed and it was leaking, so the whole box was smelling of olives. However, it still seems to be edible.
  • mango and ginger drink with cayenne by Nix&Kix – I´m curious about this one.
  • hot beetroot ketchup by The Foraging Fox – beetroot ketchup sounds a bit suspicious to me, but maybe I´ll be surprised?


That´s all from me for now, I´ll be back with another Flavourly box summary in  approximately a month.

Now to you – do you know Flavourly or another food-box delivering companies? Have you tried any food-box delivery service? Were you satisfied? 

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