Bread baking – Chocolate beer bread

Last weekend I had some spare time and decided to bake something. I had a beer bread mix and beer ready for some time, so I finally tried it out.

I used the Barret´s Ridge mixture again. I got it in a Flavoury box some time ago (you can read about that Flavourly edition here). I have already bought the stout beer required for this recipe some time ago. I chose one with chocolate flavour, of course.

The method is incredibly easy. I emptied the contents of the plastic bag you can see on the first picture into a bowl, mixed it so that the flour and cocoa spread evenly. Then I poured 330 ml of stout into it, mixed it and scraped it into a prepared (lined with baking paper and greased) bread-baking form.

They advise that for best results you should use a room temperature beer, so I did. I have also put a few lumps of butter on the top of the dough befor putting it in the oven – again, it was a piece of advice of the package, supposed to make the crust better.

I baked it for 45 minutes at 190°C and this is what I took out of the oven:

Chocolate beer bread

The result has a texture of bread and it´s sweet, but not as sweet as a chocolate cake would be. The crust is crispy. The taste – well, it´s nothing amazing, to be fair. It tastes nice, but next time I would put some more cinnamon or vanilla sugar to make it sweeter. Or I will rather bake a cake. For this one, I think I will put jam on the slices to make it a bit better.

Chocolate beer bread - done!

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  1. Mara Eastern says:

    Chocolate beer bread? I’m intrigued 🙂

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