Bits and bobs

This post is a collection of stuff that I wanted to publish, but they don´t require a post on their own.

Also I take this post as an opportunity to celebrate the fact that I have already posted more than 100 posts, this one is 102.! Yaay!

  • It´s a Valentine´s day tomorrow, so if you celebrate or ignore it, I think this picture is quite spot-on and it applies not only to this day 🙂
  • I also found an amazing dessert called Magic Chocolate Bomb Sundae. It does require some preparation, but the result is just amazing.
  • I wanted to ask – do you know a really good recipe for mustard sauce that goes with meat (beef steak or pork)? I have tried several recipes but none of them was really what I expected.
  • And the last thing – as a person who doesn´t like to waste food I was glad to see that recently France has passed a law that requires the stores “to donate unwanted food to charities and food banks”. I was intrigued and did a quick Google search about how the UK is standing in this matter. I found out that for example Morrisons is doing something like this as well. On a similar note, I was pleased to find out that Asda decided to sell cheaply vegetables that would otherwise end up in a bin because it doesn´t look good enough to be displayed in a shop. Are you also supporting these ideas?


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  1. I love the wine photos So funny

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