Tasting… Vilnius or About Lithuanian food and drinks

This is the second post dedicated to Vilnius, this time I´ll focus on food and drinks. You can find the first post about Vilnius about the city itself here.

Let´s start with food typical for Lithuania, or at least Vilnius.


  • cepelini (or zeppelins) – dumplings from freshly grated potatoes, usually filled with something (could be meat, cheese, mushrooms) and served sprinkled with fried onion, there can also be bacon or sour cream. I had cepelini when we went to Trakai, in one of the many restaurants lining the bank of the lake. It was a bit plain for my liking, but I believe this was an exception 🙂 My boyfriend had a plate full of small baked meat-filled pastry with some tasty white sauce.
  • šimtalapis: this is a poppy seed cake, very similar to those you can get in central Europe.
  • potato pancakes – potato pancakes are another dish that is not unusual for me at all. I still had them with mushroom sauce in a restaurant close to Užupis and it was just great!

Potato pancakes with mushroom sauce

  • šakotis – this is a traditional spit cake. We didn´t taste it, but you can buy it everywhere if you´d like to.


  • cold beetroot soup – this soup was mentioned in nearly all travel guides/posts and they really offer it at many places, but we haven´t tried it.
  • for me one of the things I look for in a city is its food market. In Vilnius there is one close to the main bus station. People are selling vegetables and fruits or meat as everywhere else, but in comparison with other countries you will see plenty of berries, nuts and honey or homemade jams. Unfortunately we were travelling only with a hand luggage, so no honey or jams were allowed. Or maybe fortunately, as I know myself, I would buy several jars… 🙂



  • trejos devynerios – it means “three nines” in Englishwhich refers to 27 (3×9) herbs used to prepare this bitter liquor. Like for example Czech Becherovka it´s said to have positive effect on digestion.
  • žalios devynerios: ver similar to the above, we bought some for 1,30€/40 ml
  • Vilkmergés – dark beer with dried plum taste
  • Švyturys – blonde beer with lemonish taste
  • Memelbräu – brown ale style beer

Lithuanian drink


Did you go to Vilnius or Lithuania? What did you taste and like?


Promted by: Kama from Traveller´s Notes



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