Flavourly box – February 2016

It´s time for another Flavourly review! What was in the box in February?

Flavourly box, February 2016

  • mini nibs – cheddar cheese straws by nibnibs: I got these multiple times and I still like them. I eat them as they are.
  • tomato and mediterranean herb crackers by Angelic: I finally got some other flavour than rosemary and sea salt – and it´s much better!
  • garlic chilli chutney by Previns: I´m curious about this one, it sounds promising.
  • tomato and chilli preserve by Chazwinkle´s: the same applies as for the one above. Today we had it with a steak and fries and it was really good, with big tomato chunks inside.
  • Flavourly box, February 2016air dried apple crisps by Perry Court Farm: it´s just what it says on a package. It makes a tasty little snack.
  • ginger coconut sugar by Coconom: I like these alternatives to the usual white refined sugar. Especially these sugars from Coconom are good for baking. Given its flavour I guess this one will be ideal for gingerbread.
  • Aloo Gobi – potato and cauliflower curry kit by Previns: hmm, not sure we´ll try this one, we are not big fans of curry.
  • blueberry and cranberry pop rice by Kintaro: it says pop rice, but it actually contains 40 % of almonds – maybe they should advertise the almonds a bit more, at least to me it makes it much more interesting than just saying “pop rice”.
  • fruit chew granola superflapjack by Just Live a Little: a snack for after exercise
  • cold pressed ginger and barley grass detox flapjack bar with ginger, pineapple and coconut by Creative Nature: I´m not sure how much detox I can get from this bar :-), but I think it will be a nice snack anyway. The ingredients are all good. Although I had to google what pau darco is…

Flavourly box, February 2016

  • raw chocolate goji berries and mulberries by the raw chocolate co: that´s something to mix into plain white yoghurt for breakfast.
  • pumpkin seeds covered in Belgian milk chocolate by Landgarten: yummy as everything from Landgarten. And I got three packs at once!


I must say I was very satisfied this time. Sometimes I get products with peculiar flavours which I have no idea what to use for, but this time I´m sure I´ll use nearly all of them- the only exception being the curry kit.

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