Green caterpillar – macro photos

This week we did a bit of weeding. Its unbelievable – not the fact that we did weeding, but that nothing meaningful started to grow yet and we already had a whole meadow of weed in our garden!

However, during this weeding process I spotted a nice green caterpillar. Immediately, “macro, macro” started to flash in my head. Fortunately, caterpillars are very slow, so I was not in hurry to get my camera. We finished the weeding, I went inside for my camera and when I came back, the caterpillar was still at the same spot. I think caterpillars will be my favourite photo subject from now on 🙂

Although the caterpillar didnt move much even during the photo session (actually it moved only when we poked it), I still had some problems to capture it sharply because of the shallow depth of field of the macro lens. I still need more practice with the lens.

These are the best photos:

I love the amount of detail captured. Did you see the tiny hair?


Updated on 16. 4. 2017:

Hereby I submit these photos to a photo challenge (this weeks topic is Surprise) by the Daily Post.


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  1. Gorgeous pictures!

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    1. Thank you 🙂

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