Birds around Etruria, Stoke on Trent

Finally, spring is here and it´s not only because the calendar says so. In the past few days we had some pretty good weather here in Stoke and I only wish it will last.

Last week I ventured out with my camera to try to get some snaps of this year´s ducklings and goslings. I was lucky and saw offsprings of ducks, geese and coots around the two local lakes. I got lucky straight for the first time. Last year I had to spy them for a bit longer. Apparently I´m becoming a successful bird stalker.

You can admire last year´s goslings here. And now to the new ones.

These are the coots, eating some bread people fed them with:

Birdwatching in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

The smaller lake was occupied by ducks:

Birdwatching in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

And the big lake seems to be a territory of geese:


I just wonder if my favourite bird, heron, will honour me with its presence at the lake at some point (this year, preferably). I really miss him.

On the way home I saw something colourful flying around. I waited for it to sit down on a tree branch and it turned out to be a beautiful bird. I need to borrow a bird atlas again – does anybody know what bird it is?

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