Flavourly box – April 2016

Another month, another Flavourly box. What did I get this time?

Flavourly box, olives, marshmallow, protein balls

  • Goji and coconut vegan protein balls
  • A box of 3 raspberry marshmallows
  • Chilli and oregano olives

Flavourly box, sweet popcorn, sweet potato, crisps

  • Crunchy sweet popcorn (lemon sherbet flavour)
  • Sweet potato crisps with chilli and lime

Flavourly box, cordial, marmalade, mayo, olives, rapeseed oil

  • Mr. Fitzpatrick´s original root beer cordial
  • Suzanne´s marmalade by Trotter´s – with lapsang souchong (tea), oranges, lemons
  • Whole pitted marinated olives by Farraday´s Tasty
  • Wasabi and mango mayo by Farraday´s Tasty
  • Red hot chilli infused cold pressed rapeseed oil
  • Chika´s smoked almonds – not on the picture



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