Etruria Canal Festival, Stoke on Trent


Etruria Canal Festival


this weekend – 4. + 5. 6. 2016


Etruria, Stoke on Trent, near the Etruria Industrial Museum

This week I noticed that there are more boats moored along the canal than usual. Today, on the way to the city centre, I found out why – this weekend there is the Etruria Canal Festival going on.

I went there in the afternoon with my friends. The weather was merciful and it seems umbrellas will not be necessary this year. You can expect to see a whole array of boats. Their owners often offer various products for sale, from printed mugs to ice cream. On the nearby meadow there are also plenty of stalls:

  • usually local handmade stuff
  • food stalls, including a butty (sandwich) bar, ice cream van, a potato oven and wood fire oven baked pizza (that looked particularly good)
  • face painting and clay workshops for children
  • owl zoo, boat models etc.

The Etruria Industrial Museum and its tea room are open as well. You can have a look inside for free, you pay 4 GBP for the entrance to the steam mill and 6 GBP for a guided tour. We were fine with just looking around for free. Even that was interesting – did you know that one type of china ware is made from milled cows bones?

There is also a blacksmiths workshop/forge open where you can watch decorative metal objects being made.

The festival is on tomorrow as well, so if you´re interested, don´t hesitate and come.

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