Flavourly box, May 2016 – the last one

So this is my last Flavourly box review. Let´s first have a look what was in the box and then I´ll tell you why I decided to cancel the subscription.

In May I got:

toffee nuts, dressing, smoothie, soy, chutney, piccalilli

  • hot toffee VIP nuts by New York Delhi.
  • Tigg´s Amazing original dressing – made from cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, sugar, onions, spirit vinegar, lemons, garlic, salt and herb extracts.
  • Smoothie Boost Orange mix by Saison!- this looked great as I make smoothies from time to time, but then I read it contains coriander, whose taste I don´t like, so probably somebody else will try it.
  • Piccalilli + Hot Lava Java tomato and mango chutneys by Farraday´s Tasty – the first one is basically pickled veggies, so why not. But the second one contains mango and that´s a no-no for me since I´m allergic to it.
  • organic tamari soy-snack by Landgarten – can´t be bad, everything I tasted from Landgarten was great.

popcorn, chickpea crisps, raw, maca, cinnamon, spring onion and cheese chips

  • caramel and espresso popcorn by Joe and Seph´s
  • Chika´s chickpea crisps with smoked chilli flavour
  • raw maca and cinnamon munchies by Raw Gorilla
  • Soffle´s spring onion and Italian cheese pitta chips

All these will be welcome snacks.

And now to the reason why this is the last Flavourly box review.

I have been receiving these boxes for more than 2 years. At the beginning I was amazed by the variety of products and different flavours I could taste. I was trying stuff I couldn´t buy in supermarkets. But after some time the products got a bit repetitive. I was glad that sometimes I received a different flavour of a product I liked before or even the same product more times. But I was also repeatedly getting products and flavours I don´t fancy that much. Also, with time the variety was not so great anymore. And finally, this year I realized I often don´t get any stuff that would be new to me. So I decided to cancel the subscription.

On a more positive note, thanks to Flavourly I dicovered some great products and producers like The Tomato Stall or Landgarten. If I feel like having their products, I can buy my favourites directly online.

Where something ends, something else starts as well. So. The next project is to find some other type of a food box with surprises to try out. I will do some research and come back with the results! Any ideas for starters? 🙂


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