Virgin Matchacolada (Summer of Matcha by EatCleanTea)

Virgin Matchacolada – a drink recipe for the Summer of Matcha competition by EatCleanTea

So this is the first time I am taking part in a blogging competition involving receiving free products. How did it happen?

Some time ago I was searching for ways how to spread the word about my blog and I came across one website where you can sign up for various blogging events, often involving receiving some product for free, testing it or doing something with it and then writing about it on your blog.

I liked the idea of the Summer of Matcha event by EatCleanTea because besides just testing the product the task required some creativity as well. The aim was to create a
delicious and healthy summer drink recipe using the matcha powder we received.

We could choose from three versions of matcha. I picked the matcha original version. At first I didn´t have any specific drink idea in mind and I thought this matcha type will allow me to come up with any recipe idea without considering the flavour (the other two options were matcha and mint or matcha and ginger).

The deadline is tomorrow, so it´s the highest time to come up with THE recipe. I call my drink Virgin Matchacolada because of its pineapple and coconut ingredients. Here we go:

Virgin Matchacolada

  • 100 ml coconut water with pineapple (I used VitaCoco)
  • 150 ml coconut almond milk (I used alpro)
  • 2 scoops of matcha powder
  • 8 slices of plantain banana
  • ice cubes
  • raspberries

I put the slices of banana in the glass, mixed the coconut water with coconut almond milk and poured it in. I whisked the matcha powder in hot water until it dissolved and added it in.I mixed it, put in a few ice cubes and decorated with raspberries.

The raspberries sank in the drink before I took the picture, unfortunately. However, the drink was really nice!

@eatcleantea #SummerOfMatcha competition matcha

@eatcleantea #SummerOfMatcha competition matcha

@eatcleantea #SummerOfMatcha #TeamMatcha

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