Recent bread baking: garlic and herb bread, oat bread

Recently I tried baking two new types of bread. One, the garlic and herb bread, was from a bread mix, the other one, oat bread, was made from scratch.

Garlic and herb bread

The bread mix I used for this loaf was Paul Hollywood´s Garlic & Herb Tear ´N´ Share Bread Mix. I didn´t follow the method with all kneading, rising and kneading again. I just put all the ingredients in the bread making machine, selected the Dough mode and then took it out when the dough rose to the machine cover. I didn´t do the share-and-tear type of bread from many dough balls either. I formed a bread loaf on a greased glass baking pan, covered it with a transparent foil and let it rise a bit more. Then I baked it as advised on the package (25 minutes at 220°C). The bread was good, but if I bake it next time I will add some extra salt for better taste.


Oat bread with pumpkin seeds

I made the second bread from scratch. I brought a book with bread recipes from our last visit in the Czech Republic. This was the first experiment, so I tried to pick an easy recipe. It indeed was easy. It surprised me that they included carrot in the recipe. Not sure why – if it is to keep the dough moister or what was the reason… Probably not because of taste – I didn´t really feel it in the bread.

The ingredients were carrot, spelt flour, dried yeast, oat flakes, sugar syrup and pumpkin seeds. I mixed the ingredients besides the seeds in a bowl, let it rise and formed a loaf. I cut it several times on the top, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and baked as advised in the recipe.

This loaf didn´t keep its shape during baking, so it ended up quite flat. Nevertheless, it tasted really good. What was worse – I made a rookie mistake and either didn´t grease the baking paper properly or not at all (don´t remember), so the paper kind of baked in the bread. I had to cut off the bottom part for that reason. Maybe it will be better not to use any paper next time and bake it in a glass pan or a dedicated bread-baking tin.

Oat bread with pumpkin seeds
Oat bread with pumpkin seeds

Soon I will try some new recipes from the book. Today I even bought a proper bread-baking tin, so the loaves should not get flat anymore. Looking forward to some more experimenting!

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