Oatcake Day 2016

There is something special going on on seemingly usual Monday 8th August. It is the day of oatcakes!

What is this about?

This day is devoted to celebrating oatcakes, which basically are savoury pancakes made from oatmeal (surprisingly, hm?), flour and yeast. They are eaten filled with either cheese, bacon, mushrooms, sausage, tomato etc. or any combination of these. Oatcakes are usually very filling. My favourite combinations are cheese and mushroom, cheese and bacon or cheese and tomato.

Oatcakes are the signature dish of Staffordshire, UK. They are very popular in Stoke on Trent where I currently live. It is a kind of a local fast food. They even have a dedicated website. There are shops in Stoke selling specifically oatcakes.

This oatcake shop, Hungry Potter, is even timing the launch of a redesigned menu for this day. They are introducing a massive triple decker with six fillings. It must be a feat to eat it!

The locals are proud of this dish and even named a street after it – once I walked along the Oatcake Grove road here in Stoke. Also, there is a canal narrowboat functioning as mobile oatcake shop. I see it usually moored at the Westport lakes, but sometimes it comes to Etruria when there is something happening there and it moors at the Stoke City stadium on matchdays and after the final whistle there are long queues of hungry Potters fans.

You can find more info in these Wikipedia and Sentinel articles.

As for any other respectable event, there are dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages for the Oatcake Day.

So happy celebrating! I wonder if I can get one oatcake on Monday…

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