Heron – the elegant bird of Etruria

During spring and summer I was keeping my eyes peeled for the heron and, luckily, I managed to get a few photo sessions with this pretty model in the past few months.

It is an elegant, but shy model, so sometimes our sessions do not last very long. Therefore I try to have the camera ready with correct settings before I get to the lake. Usually there is not much time to play with aperture or shutter speed at the spot. After I focus, I fire off a burst of photos and hope for the best. Only rarely I get the luxury of being able to play with composition and settings and trying different angles – the heron can see/hear me even from behind bushes. Need to work on better camouflage.

Here are the best photos I managed to get of it:


This year I saw the heron first in May – you can find the photos here.

Now to you. Are you from Stoke on Trent or around? Where else did you see a heron? Please tell me in comments. I might plan a heron-spotting trip.


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