Food and drink subscription boxes – an overview

If you like exploring new food and drinks like me, then subscription boxes might be for you. A monthly dose of new products with an element of surprise – you cant say no to it.

The first food box I discovered was by Flavourly. I was their subscriber from August 2014 (read my first Flavourly post here) till May 2016 (read my last Flavourly post here). I used to publish reviews of these boxes here on my blog. In the second article you can read about why I decided to cancel the subscription.

Flavourly box

I also wrote that I will try to find a new box I fancy and try it. And guess what – the selection nowadays is so vast that I could not even decide. I bookmarked webpages and planned to publish a series of posts giving an overview of the wide range of boxes one can order.

While browsing, I discovered other subscription box categories and decided to try out something new before I put together the series of posts and pick my new favourite food subscription box. I ordered a 3-month subscription of a beauty box with natural cosmetics, LoveLula. I am now awaiting the last, 3rd box. I liked it, but I will not post any reviews, because it doesnt fit the scope of my blog.

popcorn, chickpea crisps, raw, maca, cinnamon, spring onion and cheese chips

By now I returned to the original project of collecting info about all possible food and drink boxes. And I found out that there are sites with exactly this type of information. So, instead, I will share with you the best pages I found and also some boxes that I didnt find on any of these pages.

First, here are some subscription box directories, encompassing many categories, not only food. Browse a bit a you will not know what to order first. Speaking just about drinks, you can have everything from tea or coffee to wine, beer or gin boxes. From food, the selection is even wider – you can have vegan, paleo or gluten-free boxes. There are snacks, honey, chocolate, bacon, meat, cheese, candy, etc. etc. boxes. Or you can have the opposite, mixed boxes sourced for example only from France, with only Mediterranean & Greek flavours and so on. The selection is really vast.


For shorter digests, check out an article with food boxes for cooking or one with 15 of the UKs best foodie subscription boxes.


And lastly, here are some food boxes that I came across separately:


So, have you picked your favourite one? I think I will try Lifebox, The Goodness Project and/or The Vegan Kind. Later on maybe some of the tea and chocolate boxes. Stay tuned for reviews!


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