Dust art in Stoke on Trent

Recently some dust art appeared in Etruria, Stoke on Trent. You can see it on gas tanks at a gas re-filling place (GT Autogas).

The re-filling station is just off A53 when you leave it to the Lanehead Road. You have to walk past the station towards the canal and look at the tanks through the fence. If you want to see it, hurry up, before it gets washed off.

I wonder how long it took to create this.


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  1. SefKa says:

    hey kristyna, now look at that cat! I hope nobody will every wipe it off.
    your blog is in my bookmarks and I regularly read through your latest posts with great interest. I love the way you see the world and that you enjoy the small but precious things in life. try to come to poland one day so I can show wroclaw to you. I am sure it is worth a post (you will definitely find a lot of nice scnes you would want to take pictures of..). bestest regards from stef

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    1. Hi Stef 🙂 Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! In fact I will have to check the cat next time I go home from swimming as I don´t usually go along the canal now when it´s dark. If we go to Poland, I´ll let you know 🙂


  2. desleyjane says:

    Wow they’re amazing!

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    1. Yep. I wonder who created them.

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      1. desleyjane says:

        Exactly. They’re amazing.

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