Street art Saturday: Riga and Sopron

This is a second episode of my new series, Street art Saturday, in which I show you photos of street art I snapped during our travels across Europe. The first post was about Málaga and you can find it here. Today’s destinations will be Riga and Sopron.

Let’s start with Riga, where we went in October last year. It was just a short weekend break, but as the city is quite small, it was enough.

I spotted these black and white stencil figures climbing up and jumping from stairs at the entrance of one house:

We also saw this pretty patterned example of yarn bombing on a traffic sign post:

Street art Riga yarnbombing

In November we went to Hungary. This was a longer stay since it was a family visit. We were staying in Sopron and while exploring the charming old town streets, we came across this young lady on a spinning chair. She looks like Audrey Hepburn, don’t you think?

Street art Sopron


Next time: Oslo

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