Street art Saturday: Oslo

This is a third episode of my series, Street art Saturday, in which I show you photos of street art I snapped during our travels across Europe. The first post was about Málaga and the second one was from Riga and Sopron. Today’s destination will be Oslo.

I spent a bit over a year in Oslo in 2010 and 2011 and fell in love with the city. I try to come back from time to time. These pictures are from a trip last year in May.

The epicentre of street art in Oslo is in the area around Brenneriveien in the Grünerløkka district, very close to the Akerselva river. During the day it is nice to stroll around that part of the city and discover the street art. If you get hungry while exploring, just continue upstream along the left side of Akerselva to the Vulkan street and you will get to Mathallen (Food hall). At night you might be interested to visit the Blå club. We used to go there on Sundays to enjoy the gigs by Frank Znort Quartet.

The street art in the area is varied. You will see graffiti, …

… installations or objects …

… and other types of creative art:

Note: Beskyttet med = Protected with. The other picture is a peep-in hole covered with a piece of chipboard, through which you can see the yard where the community lives/spends time. The text above the hole says “Peep in. We accept donations.”

However, it is not only the area around Brenneriveien where you can spot some creative pieces around the rest of Oslo as well. I came across these. They might be creative adverts as well, I’m not sure.

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  1. Are you visiting Denmark some time?


    1. Not anytime soon. I´ve been there once for 1 day and it definitely deserves more than that!

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      1. Alright, I was just wondering since I’m from Denmark and I always get excited when people visit 😛 Where are you from?


        1. Czech Republic.

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